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Kunjie sports hall opens!!!




Kunjie sports hall opened, let us together for health power!


Recently, careful partners may have found, in our public number of links appeared a little change, that is, in the meeting training column appeared "kunjie sports hall", after nearly a period of time of trial operation, now officially opened! Small changes, but this is also the sincere efforts of kunjie people - let us work together to build a healthy.




First, it is a positive response to the building of a healthy China.On July 15, the state council issued the opinions on implementing healthy China action, and issued the healthy China action (2019-2030).

A picture reads healthy China action (2019-2030)



Second, this is to care about the needs of kunjie service objects.Our service targets are mainly teachers from medical schools, who are guardians of health, but they often put their health under stress due to overwork and lack of exercise. At the same time, many health care workers are public-spirited, helping people build healthier lives by participating in sports or volunteering for sports. For him (her) thumb up, for (her) they share the worry, to him (her) they learn!







Second, this is also the self-requirement of kunjie team building.The initial purpose of our construction is to serve medical research and teaching wholeheartedly. Without good health, we cannot devote ourselves to service work wholeheartedly. We also require our members to be disciplined through healthy lifestyles and promote professional development. In our team, sports have become an indispensable activity after work. In purple mountain, beside xuanwu lake, beside dayan pagoda and other places, there are sports enthusiasts from team members to their friends and relatives.






Have an idea, we should try harder!
We are all entrepreneurial enterprises, and we pursue originality, openness and sincere cooperation, youth and vitality, self-confidence and strict self-discipline are the common characteristics of our team. We will also work together to provide you with thoughtful service.
First, excellence in product quality. We have hundreds of domestic and foreign famous brands in the stadium, all of which are supplied by regular channels, and strictly implement the "three guarantees" and other national consumer rights protection laws and regulations.



Second, the advantage lies in the product price. Our many sports products preferred agents, the price advantage. At the same time, we also have advanced big data processing center, which can get the best price of products according to the processing, transportation, inventory and other conditions, and carry out preferential activities in time to make everyone happy to buy.



Third, excellence in product types. Our products from spring to autumn winter, from adults to children, from the leisure travel to intelligent professional training, from ordinary clothes to wear, etc, etc, at the same time, we also self-administration and all kinds of club activities, attend the Beijing marathon, marathon, wuxi moganshan TNF motocross events, and other well-known provide "one-stop" service for you, absolutely worry!



We also welcome your valuable advice, we work together for health!



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