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Standardized training of oral resident physicians in Nanjing


     In accordance with the relevant requirements of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and other 7 departments on the establishment of standardized training system for residents (National Health Science and Education (2013) No. 56), our hospital 2019 oral resident physician training and equivalent academic degree master The class officially began to enroll the admissions college and the base. The Department of Stomatology of Nanjing University Medical College is a nationally-oriented dual-level, high-level comprehensive university medical major. The humanities education foundation is strong, and there are undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels of oral medicine professionals. Qualification is the key point (cultivation) discipline of Jiangsu Province's "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan". The Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Nanjing University Medical College is the largest tertiary hospital in the East China region with the advantages of clinical stomatology and integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. The existing building area is more than 5σ000 square meters, and it is also built. There is a modern clinical skills simulation training center.

    Our hospital has been in charge of resident physicians for more than 20 years. In 2018, oral and maxillofacial surgery became the first pilot base for national-level specialist training. The faculty is strong, and currently there are more than 130 instructors in the hospital, including more than 50 professional master's tutors.
    As the first batch of national-level resident standardized training bases in the country, our institute has a sound system and standardized management. It ranks among the best in the annual assessment of the quality of Jiangsu national-level training bases. In 2017, the "CBL-centered oral medicine professional degree teaching innovation practice" won the first prize of Jiangsu Province graduate education reform results. In 2018, the teaching results of our school won the silver medal of the 46th Geneva International Invention Exhibition. In 2017 and 2018, the Chinese Physician Association's resident physician training base was selected, and the faculty members of our school were awarded the title of “National Residents' Training Base and Excellent Teacher”. The Pei Pei resident also won the first prize in the 2017 China Stomatological Association Resident Skills Competition.
    The base adheres to the principle of homogenization and cultivation of resident doctors and professional degree masters with the same program, the same classroom, and simultaneous adjustment. Guided by clinical ability and excellence, the aim is to cultivate scientific and clinical dual-skilled stomatology professionals.

Second, the training features
1. Standardization training for resident doctors and homogenization of professional students. These include standardized patient-based clinical simulation skills training, evidence-based medicine-based clinical case teaching, and medical humanities-based clinical doctor-patient communication education. Residents and professional degree masters are synchronized in the curriculum, clinical and scientific research. During the period of resident training, the resident doctor may apply for the qualification of a dental practitioner. When the training is completed, the corresponding examination and thesis defense are passed. In addition to obtaining the certificate of compliance, the master's degree in stomatology is also obtained.
2, the clinical ability is better than the training. The base is based on clinical medicine and has a history of η0 years of oral professional hospitals. It is known for its strict clinical practice. The resident doctors have a perfect "one person, one mentor" system. A clinical practice training system has been established from admission, training to quasi-completeness. Features in multi-directional training such as humanistic foundation, professional quality and professional competence
3. Clinical sputum culture centered on clinical cases. Taking the excellent oral clinical case analysis and research of Nanjing University as the core, and taking evidence-based medicine as the core, it focuses on cultivating students' comprehensive analysis ability based on general medical treatment and multidisciplinary comprehensive clinical processing ability.

Third, the training direction and years
The base includes seven oral hospitalization training bases for oral general medicine, oral medicine, maxillofacial surgery, oral restoration, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial imaging, and oral pathology.
The standardized training time for residents is: undergraduate and science degree master (Bo): 3 years; professional degree master 2 years; professional degree doctor: 1 year, undergraduate resident physician training and equivalent degree of Nanjing University Cultivate and enter the same scholastic professional degree master's degree enrollment target. Graduates of all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country, or previous graduates, with a bachelor's degree or above in stomatology and a bachelor's degree or above
V. Training safeguards
1. The trainees and personnel relations entrusted by the unit are still in their respective units, and participate in standardized training as “commissioned trainees”. The wages and benefits are implemented in accordance with the relevant national policies, and the working years are continuously calculated.
2. Unemployed graduates enter the base standardized training as “training students”. Those who have passed the standardized training for residents will be free to choose employment. During the training period, the hospital signed a “training contract” with the trainees according to the state regulations, and the trainees obtained various post allowances and treatments according to the regulations.
VI. Training and Assessment Measures During the training period of residents, the training content shall be completed in accordance with the regulations, and the oral clinical clinical examinations of the Al Qaeda and the National Resident Standardized Training Completion Examination organized by the Jiangsu Provincial Health Planning Commission shall be passed. After passing the training and passing the examination, the company has obtained the standardized training certificate for the national resident. At the end of the course, you can obtain a master's degree in stomatology by stipulating a course examination and a thesis defense and a national prescribed examination. During the training period, the base assisted in signing up for the qualification examination for practicing doctors, and obtained the qualification certificate for practicing doctors through examination.
VII. Enrollment Scale In 2019, 30-40 students will be enrolled in the hospital.
Eight, registration and admission procedures 1, registration time: March 10, 2019, May 10, 2019 2, registration procedures students fill out and submit the registration materials, mailed to the Department of Education, Department of Stomatology, Nanjing University Medical College. The registration materials are as follows:
1) Registration form (see the standardization training of a resident in the scientific research teaching column of the hospital's official website)
2) Information submitted by the trainees entrusted by the unit: a copy of the resume, diploma and degree certificate, unit recommendation letter, copy of the English grade test score sheet and other copies of the award certificate. A doctor who has worked for more than 2 years should submit a copy of the qualification certificate of the medical practitioner.
3) Information to be submitted by recent graduates: personal resume, graduate employment recommendation form, copy of academic degree certificate (or graduation certificate issued by the school), copy of English grade examination transcript and other copies of the award certificate
3. Recruitment assessment: including material review, theoretical examination and interview.
Complete the registration materials review before May 20, and inform the participants to participate in theoretical examinations and interviews.
Please refer to the test notice for the specific time and place.
IX. Contact person: Teacher Xie, Teacher, Department of Education, Affiliated Stomatological Hospital, Nanjing University Medical College
Mailing address: Department of Education, Affiliated Stomatological Hospital, Nanjing University Medical College, 30, Central Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Zip code: 210018
Phone: 025-83620127
E-mail: ska ivk@163,com Nanjing Stomatological Hospital, Nanjing University School of Medicine, 2019-3-1