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Face the tide, meet the sea, spend the summer in Yantai, cal


Yantai, near the mountain and the sea, has a vast expanse of smoke and a cool climate, which is called the world's Yaotai. The unpredictable walrus, the mirage spectacle, the myth of Eight Immortals crossing the sea, the story of Xu Fu's eastward crossing, and the legend of Qin Shihuang's shooting at the shark add mysterious colors to the mountains and rivers here.




On August 16-18, 2019, the 6th International Forum on stomatology of Taishan Scholars, Yantai International Dental Equipment Exhibition, sponsored by China dental disease prevention foundation and Shandong Stomatological Association, will be held in Yantai International Expo Center. We will meet you at booth C18.




I will bring the company's star products: oral OSCE skill assessment platform, automatic test paper generation system, automatic course scheduling software, high simulation gums, teeth, calculus and other products to the forum and exhibition. These products are highly recognized by dozens of using units, such as Nanjing University School of Stomatology, Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, Anhui Medical University, etc!








Meet in such a beautiful place, meet in such a grand forum, we will also bring you surprises and cheers!


One big surprise: we can give 80% discount to those who sign the purchase intention on site!
Double surprise: 70% discount will be given to those who place orders to purchase training equipment on the company's online shopping mall, and 60% discount will be given to those whose orders reach more than 5000 yuan!
The three surprise: the scene scanning two-dimensional code attention to the official account and send tweets to "look", you can get exquisite little gifts!